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Artist - One who sees allure in the complexity of life and seeks to share this perspective with the world.

About the Artist

Brandi Junious is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work highlights the beauty of diversity, the imperative of freedom, and the restorative power of sharing our emotions and struggles. More specifically, Brandi centers her work around our transcendent ability to overcome adversity, offering a counter-narrative to the often perpetuated notion that victimhood is permanent. Brandi believes in the power of telling our own stories, and hopes her art can both affirm and facilitate healing as viewers use it as a conduit to explore the depths of their own experiences. 

Brandi is an internationally recognized artist and contributor to arts movements committed to centering identity, justice, and representation; her art has been showcased in exhibitions across the United States, in Rome, Italy, and in London, England. She is a certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach and creates curriculum aimed at helping people learn to process and become more aware of their own emotions through art. Brandi also holds a BA in Psychology and master's in Education. 

Brandi Junious
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