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the traveling painting

Purple Haze
keep your light on!

Lavender Haze - The Traveling Painting

I imagined a world where art is shared and travels freely from one person to the next. So I created the concept of a traveling painting. I believe art should roam the earth and touch the lives of those it encounters, just as a person might share their love with others. This painting reminds us that we are all connected under the same sky and that we can all be both keepers and givers of light, if we choose. The intention is for those who have the painting to only hold onto it for a short period of time before gifting it to another world community member in a different city or country. My hope is that this painting travels the world collecting memories, creating beauty, touching lives, demonstrating the fullness of giving, and centering the value in non-attachment. This idea was inspired by the open sharing of love and creativity I've found in the Freedom Love Tribe Gang community. Each person who stuarts the painting will write the date of acquisition and their location on the back so that years from now we can see all of the places it's traveled! 

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