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client reflections

"people will never forget how you made them feel"
-maya angelou

"i was blown away"

As a working TV Host & Reporter here in Los Angeles during COVID-19, I never thought the condition of my apartment walls would be a topic of concern. However, as we switch over to Zoom Calls from live studio or field shoots, I was quickly made aware of the importance of my backdrop. I’m so proud to hang the art of Brandi Junious behind me everyday as I report the news.


I came across her work on Instagram and I was blown away. After a flow of conversations I was able to talk to Brandi about some of my personal passions in life. Through her insight and talent, she created a masterpiece for me. A personalized ‘one of a kind’ piece of art I’ll cherish for decades that speaks to the personal interests, direction and passions I hold closest to my heart. Thank you Brandi!


James Maple


"a blessing to the world"

Honestly, when I originally purchased this trio, I was drawn to the colors and the lightheartedness depicted in the styles in each of the three women. Then I sat and really studied  the portraits for meaning, and I placed them in my meditation room. I did this as a reminder that while we exist in such a chaotic and disturbing world, it’s up us to control our emotions and sanity. I get to choose my expressions and my state of mind although there are some who desire otherwise. So...I choose peace; I choose joy; I choose love; and, I choose what’s right! The exact characteristics and emotions I see in all three portraits, because I am a child of God. That is the essence of who I am in a world of wayward folks whose actions are to contradictory to them all! Looking forward to investing in more pieces in the future from Brandi. She’s a talented artist and a blessing to the world!  


Rhonda L.


"sacred intimacy"

This piece spoke to the healer in me, the nurturer in me, to the sacred intimacy between soul partners. Thank you

-Ivory T. 


"i mused over the artistic flow"

I have yet to meet Brandi, the artist whose hands created the masterpiece I hold dear. The moment I saw the piece I was captivated by every brushstroke. As I mused over the artistic flow I could see an internal reflection of the art's function. It was deep and broad and expanded, reaching far beyond the horizon in the scene. It could not be contained by the canvas, just as I cannot be contained by imaginary boundaries and limitations of my mind. It is vast and huge, and so am I. It can only be controlled by the gentle breeze, as will I only yield to the flow of the Spirit that empowers me.  


Thank you Brandi for this wonderful piece, I call reflection.


-D. Mackey 


"captivating in so many ways"

This is the first piece of art I've ever purchased. I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it and knew I needed to own it. It's the EYES for me!! They'e captivating in so many ways and reflect every mood I have. From serious, to happy, sad, excitement and even worry. I not only see myself in her, but my niece, granddaughter and daughter. 

-Laura Lee


"a true artivist"

Brandi Junious is one of the most talented painters I’ve ever met. She has created countless paintings for me based on my social justice-oriented and survivor poetry. She has knocked each one out of the park, especially the one for my poetry book cover that inspired the title of my book, WOMXN. Brandi is a true Artivist who uses her craft to invoke emotion and help build solidarity amongst womxn, especially BIPOC survivors. I can’t wait to work with her again! 

Dr. Nooshin Valizadeh


"light shines through"

I love my painting! It's simple, but provides deep meaning for me. In a world, seemingly filled with hate and darkness, a person's goodness and "light" shines through. It reminds me to not let the darkness oversadow the light in my life. 



"one of the best gifts i've ever received"

My brother gifted me this custom piece by Brandi for my birthday!! It's so beautiful! One of the best gifts I've ever received. So unique to see yourself drawn through someone else's eyes. This piece also means a lot to me because I started my natural hair journey two years ago and this piece captures that change beautifully! I look forward to ordering my own custom piece soon. Thank you for painting this picture so beautifully - every time I see it I just nod at myself like "yes!" :) 



"sense of calm"


Gives me a sense of calm. I envision being on a quiet, soothing vacation with a topcial view. I enjoy the relaxed feeling it gives me from a slightly different perspective. 

-Laura Lee


"masterpieces in emotional healing"

Brandi's art is not only beautiful and inspirational, but it has impacted my life in a way that no other artist has.  The pieces (yes more than one) of art I have are masterpieces in emotional healing.  They have made me feel empowered and reminded me of my value and worth.  The piece "Rainy Day" truly represents me. The story behind the painting is it began as a canvas of negative words, but Brandi changed it to this beautiful woman. That is me! Every time I look at this piece it brings tears to my eyes that she could make something so beautiful from negativity. That is how I see myself and what God has done for me! I love every piece and every story to the piece.  If I had the wall space and the money I would own every one of them. But I am reminded I can't be greedy and have to share.  I have watched Brandi's art transform from her expressing her emotions to capturing and speaking to others emotions. I love her growth and her work!


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